• As a company, did you ever consider becoming owner of your office or warehouse at rental costs?

    Growners is owner of his buildings, so you buy directly from us, without intermediate party. Feel free to contact us 0473 38 02 92 or info@growners.be

  • Rent your office for free !

    Are you a SME?
    With Flex4Free, your offices are your for 0€ rent
    You only pay the charges, taxes and parking places


Rent your office for free!


Rent your office for free!

Flex4Free is the new Growner’s concept of offices from 80 until 280 m² that you can rent for free in a modern office building. You are a SME? You need space for your coworkers and wish to access your private offices any time ? These offices are yours for 0€ rent.  

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