Growners has big ambitions for the TT Center in Hasselt

30 Juin 2021
Growners has big ambitions for the TT Center in Hasselt

Growners aims to transform TT Center in Hasselt into a leisure hub.

The place to go for fun and good times...
With its acquisition of the Twee Toren Center in Hasselt and the associated commercial spaces, Growners aims to transform the complex into a leisure and entertainment hub. Growners is investing in a mix of trendy and complementary experiences to meet the growing demand for immersive activities at Hasselt’s city centre. Several candidates and proposals are currently being analysed with a view to filling the large spaces available and negotiations between Growners and future occupants have reached a decisive phase.

… in a booming city
Hasselt is booming and housing in the city centre is growing rapidly with the arrival of more than 14,000 new homes. The TT Center will meet residents’ needs to get together and have a good time, providing a venue to work out and play sport, make discoveries, savour culinary delights and, of course, go shopping.

By ambitiously bringing new life into the TT Center, Growners is doing its part to help build and develop Hasselt's future. 

New stores set to open this summer
In addition to the emerging leisure spaces, current retail chains such as Carrefour, Ici Paris XL and Torfs will remain in the complex, much to the delight of their regular customers. The TT Center will also be home to new and smaller businesses, such as the recently opened Hearts & Flowers candy shop.

The entire Growners team and the TT Center’s merchants are committed to making the TT Center a unique experience for all customers. 

For more information, visit the TT Center website.

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