how virtual staging can help SMEs optimise their office space?

08 Avril 2022
how virtual staging can help SMEs optimise their office space?

Virtual staging – the latest must-have tool for the real estate sector – is revolutionising projects and visits. Like augmented reality, virtual staging can be used to lead clients around a real estate space in 2D or 3D and show them its potential for development. 

Growners started using virtual staging so it could most efficiently show client alternative ways of fitting out their office spaces. During on-site visits and when referring to conventional architectural plans, clients – some of whom have never owned their own offices – often have difficulty imagining themselves in the empty space and seeing how they might arrange their personnel and equipment.

But thanks to this technology, it is possible to provide 2D and 3D visual simulations that help clients imagine themselves in the premises so they can see how to exploit the available spaces most efficiently. Virtual staging delivers a more dynamic experience and greater interactivity when deciding how to fit out spaces for future buyers. Its versatility and flexibility make it very beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses. 


Growners offers proactively multiple layout options for some of its buildings, deployed in collaboration with Conceptexpo and Bedimo. These simulations can be created for varying numbers of employees using the same space, giving potential buyers the chance to imagine their office space with different numbers of individual offices, meeting rooms and common areas.

Growners also uses virtual staging for development projects, such as the new common areas at Park Station, for which Growners and Odyssey Studio jointly developed 3D visuals for the future facilities, including a canteen, an automatic food corner and a gym. 

The use of virtual staging matches with Growners' goals of customising real estate spaces and creating ecosystems suitable for businesses. 

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