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Growners is a property trading company. We purchase office buildings and warehouses and partition them into units ranging from 50m² to 10,000m². We then resell them on a property market largely dominated by the rental segment. Our unique products allow you to become owners at conditions that are financially more advantageous than those on offer in the rental market.

Get in touch and we will work together on a solution that is suitable for your company’s future.

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12 buildings and 728 parkings  
23.625 m² offices and 3.306 m² storage  
Next to Brussels, Ring O, exit 17  

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Growners crowdlending campaign is a big hit

31 January 2020

Growners successfully raised €1.5 million via a bond issue in just a few minutes. We used KBC’s crowdlending platform Bolero to issue bonds with a... Read more

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