How Growners and EasyDay are making life easier for your employees

17 Mars 2020
How Growners and EasyDay are making life easier for your employees

We all want to organise our time more efficiently. Combining everyday chores with an intense work schedule is a real challenge.

Well aware of that situation, Growners decided to find a solution that would work for you and your employees. We found the solution with EasyDay, a service provider that helps you get your everyday chores done so you have more time for what really matters to you!

How? By making life easier for all employees, which in turn promotes their well-being and professional performance.


Growners works together with EasyDay to provide concierge services at several of the buildings it manages. EasyDay, a well-known provider of concierge services at office buildings in Belgium, has already partnered with several large Belgian companies, all of which appreciate not only its efficient, high-quality services but also its reliability and flexibility.

A range of services

The services EasyDay provides for occupants in our buildings include:

  • laundry: dry cleaning, ironing, alterations, etc.
  • car wash: have your car washed in the company car park
  • wellness: fitness and wellness sessions on company premises
  • delivery: weekly delivery of organic fruit/veg baskets and fresh bread

At Growners, we firmly believe that financial, operational and societal requirements as well as talent retention objectives must lie at the very heart of our clients’ real estate projects. And we stand steadfast by their sides in helping them to meet those challenges.

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