Rental index increase? Become owner of your offices

01 Septembre 2022
Rental index increase? Become owner of your offices

Inflation and rental indexation have never been so high. At Growners, we have the solution: become owner of your offices. We made the calculation for you.

🔎 This is a demonstration of the interest to buy your offices instead of renting them.
Let's start with the units 1.1 and 1.2 of our Ruisbroek building, a 465 m² space (see details and plans).

🔸 If you rent this space: 
Yearly rent= 55.801 €
For your information, the index of the first semester of 2022 is approximately 7%, which means a rent increase of 3.906 €/year.

🔸 By acquiring this space 
Purchase price: 581.500 € + registration fee (Flanders) + costs: +/- 13% = 75.595 €
Total = +/- 660.000 €


Funding : 70% of the acquisition price (depending on the financing data's of the purchaser) : +/- 460.000 € on 15 years at a 2,5% fix
Own funds : +/- 200.000 €
You would reimburse the bank with 36.800 € / year, fix during 15 years.

Yearly savings in cash-flow: 19.000 € excluding future rent indexation (and exluding fiscal impact depending on the tax structuring of the acqusition).

The compensation of the invested funds is realised after 10 years. After 15 years, you are the owner of a property without any debt left (with the possibility to sell it or to put it as a guarantee for another purchase). 

At GROWNERS, we are here to advise you. We have a lot of different professional properties for sale or investment. 

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