Growners crowdlending campaign is a big hit

31 January 2020
Growners crowdlending campaign is a big hit

Growners successfully raised €1.5 million via a bond issue in just a few minutes. We used KBC’s crowdlending platform Bolero to issue bonds with a three-year maturity and an annual gross yield of six percent. The campaign was a hit: we reached our goal of €1.5 million in less than 20 minutes. We will use this money to expand our real estate portfolio.

We focus on purchasing, upgrading and selling office buildings. According to Eric Bastin, Managing Partner of Growners, there are two reasons for the success of the crowdlending campaign: “Investors have confidence in our business model and our approach. Not only do we have an attractive offering that dovetails nicely with the mindset of today’sentrepreneurs, but these days investors are also looking for alternative investments.”

This is not our first rodeo: back in 2016, we also ran a crowdlending campaign to collect funds. Crowdlending makes it easier to raise capital while at the same time boosting Growners’ visibility, which means that today’s bond issue meets Growners’ needs better.



Focus on growth

Vincent Schobbens, CEO of Growners, says: “We’ll primarily use the capital raised to invest in expanding our real estate portfolio. We also plan to invest in renovating our current stock of office buildings, such as adding charging points for electric cars, implementing EasyDay and more.”

Growners is developing a series of investment products. We are offering investors the opportunity to buy office space with a much higher return, since   (goed idee) is a very attractive proposition in today’s market. Moreover, as an investor you have a stake in the development of SMEs in Belgium. We aim to develop a fully fledged ecosystem for SMEs that revolves around our real estate activities.

Kanaal Z recently dropped by to interview Vincent Schobbens (CEO) and Eric Bastin (Managing Partner) about the success of the crowdlending campaign. Watch the video here:

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