3 tips from Eric Bastin, CEO of Growners, to make the most of the latest trends in office space

16 Mars 2021
3 tips from Eric Bastin, CEO of Growners, to make the most of the latest trends in office space

The past couple of years have brought about new ways of working which are revolutionising the work market and the use of office spaces by companies. Eric Bastin, CEO of Growners, shares his top tips to make the most of these new trends. 

1.   First, Eric Bastin advises company managers to re-think the organisation of their work space to respond to the now ubiquitous phenomenon of remote working. To stay ahead of these new trends, it is important to ask questions such as: “What is my office for?” “What message am I trying to communicate through my office space?” “Which are the reasons why my employees come to the office?” and “Do my offices really reflect the company culture?”  The answers to these questions will form the foundations of your reorganisation.  

2.   Secondly, Eric emphasises that adapting the workplace to remote working practices does not necessarily mean reducing the size of work spaces, but re-imagining how they are used. If, for example, the office becomes the company’s place for socialising, the spaces will need to be converted to accommodate both formal and informal meetings.  

3.   Finally, he encourages companies to think about where they are located to better respond to their employees’ access and mobility needs. The great advantage of working remotely is the lack of travel, which can make employees tired, stressed or tense. Offering easy access to your company will improve the lives of your employees. Moving to areas where property costs are lower also makes more space in budgets for reinvesting in equipment and making offices more comfortable.  

How can the Growners expertise help you make the most of these trends?  

At Growners, we sell and rent all types of buildings. We offer ‘tailor-made’ work spaces from 50 to 8,500 m². With a wide range of spaces available on the outskirts of the city, Growners offers you access to offices at very attractive prices. The money you save in this way can be invested in an innovative and high-quality fit-out for your work space.  
​As a growing business willing to take these new trends by storm, Growners offers you a wide range of spaces tailored to your needs.

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